Wisla Plock champion in Poland

The fierce rivalry between Industria Kielce and Wisla Plock reached new heights of excitement. Double penalty shootouts led Plock to the title, their first in Superliga for 13 years.

It definitely has been Wisla Plock´s season in Polish surroundings. Not only did Xavi Sabate´s team defend the cup title.

The 32 games it took to lift the trophy shone with quality, Plock lost only once and kept cool even en tough situations. As the penalties Sunday evening. 

Gergo Fazekas excelled within the 60 running minutes and the save from Mirko Alilovic in the deciding seven meter moment meant that the entire team could leave the bench and start the victory dance.

Kielce was equally impressive in the stats before the final series and just bowed out in the two horse-race. The runner-up also had to leave the title to Plock at their home ground, Hala Legionow.

Industria Kielce–Wisla Plock 23–24 after penalties (20–20, 10–9)