Rumor: Jeppsson to Kolstad

Simon Jeppsson is rumored to be leaving HC Erlangen. According to RTHandball, he might be making a move to the Norwegian powerhouse Kolstad.

Jeppsson left Flensburg in 2020 to play for Erlangen, and since then, the Swede has been scoring goals prolifically. He has scored 586 goals in 135 matches. Now, Jeppsson is rumored to be on his way to the Norwegian powerhouse Kolstad, as reported by RTHandball.

Kolstad won the Norwegian league and is currently in the finals against Elverum in the playoffs. However, their Champions League campaign didn’t go as planned, as they were eliminated in the group stage.

Jeppsson has previously been linked with a move to the Danish club HØJ Elite, so it remains to be seen what decision he will make.