Kolstad won the first final in Norway

Kolstad HB and Elverum HH was hard to separate in the end of the first duel for gold. Still, the home team managed to maintain a small-margin lead after an impressive start.

Kolstad´s fierce attacks early on were the key to success. The statistics gave the Trondheim team a 3–0-advantage before the final and 7-1 after six minutes gave Elverum a very slim chance to change the historic input.

Magnus Abelvik Rød dominated with eight goals in all. Torbjørn Bergerud played a huge role as Kolstad set ups the lead, but also when Elverum tried to close the gap.

The guests came as close as one goal behind several times after the break. Bergerud and Kolstad denied every potential equaliser while Sander Sagosen and Simen Lyse saved a final push to keep the advantage.

Kolstad can clinch the title on Saturday, if Elverum respond a third and deciding final will be played on Wednesday the 29th.

Kolstad HB–Elverum HB 32–30 (17–13)