Golden League: National team duo Johannessen and Rød abstain to secure European Championship participation

Gøran Søgard Johannessen and Magnus Abelvik Rød have both struggled with injuries recently and are now entering the warm-up tournament ahead of the European Championship. However, the national team duo will be absent from tonight’s match against Denmark.

The European Championship is around the corner, and several teams are preparing through various forms of training matches. Tonight marks the beginning of the Golden League, which is a warm-up tournament ahead of the European Championship. Denmark, Norway, Egypt, and the Netherlands are the participating teams in the tournament.

However, national team manager Jonas Wille reveals that the Kolstad duo will sit out the match against Denmark on Thursday evening.

– They could probably play a match today, but the goal is for them to endure an entire championship and not return to their clubs as wrecks. We have to use our heads here, says Jonas Wille to TV 2 Norway.

Gøran Søgard Johannessen, who has been dealing with an Achilles injury, feels that things are heading in the right direction.

– I have been uncertain throughout Christmas because I felt that things weren’t quite right yet. But when I tested a bit yesterday (Tuesday), I got completely different answers. So, there has been progress throughout Christmas and now into the gathering. It’s nice to get positive responses, so we have hope it holds up against Egypt and the European Championship, says Johannessen to TV 2 Norway.

Magnus Abelvik Rød has been absent due to a foot injury since mid-December. However, he also feels progress.

– It’s starting to fade away, and I’m getting ready for the championship. We shouldn’t risk anything unnecessary now when the matches don’t count as much as they will later this month, says Abelvik Rød according to TV 2 Norway, stating that he is ready for the European Championship.

Golden League, January 4th:
(17.45) Egypt–Netherlands
(20.15) Denmark–Norway

Source: TV 2 Norway