Big economic crisis in Fjellhammer IL

Fjellhammer has established itself as a top team in Norway. But now the club states that they are facing major financial problems and that it may be necessary to get rid of heavy salary items.

In January, it was clear that Swedish Robert Hedin would take over the helm of Norwegian Fjellhammer IL – a task that is combined with being national team coach for the USA. Later in the spring, it was also announced that Glenn Solberg would act as assistant coach – alongside the Swedish national team captaincy.

But now the club is facing major financial problems, something that the Norwegian Romerikes Blad was the first to report on. According to the site, Fjellhammer IL is notifying of deficits amounting to millions and, according to the article, it may be appropriate to get rid of heavy salary items in order to get the finances right.

In an interview with Romerikes Blad, a board member says that the club has fallen for its own success, which has caused operating costs to skyrocket. At the same time, it is also admitted that a miscalculation has been made in the audience influx to the Representation Act.

The club’s actions

After the publication of the article, the club also sent out a communiqué mentioning the measures being taken to get out of the economic crisis.

Among the measures mentioned are a lot of cuts to the administrative parts, increased contributions from partners and a thorough restructuring of the club’s finances. It is also stated that several measures aimed at the elite teams will be implemented in order to reduce costs going forward.

Source: Fjellhammer IL