All-star team in Norway announced

The All-star team of the Norwegian League has been announced. Kolstad HB is the dominating club with four players in the line-up, according to

With one game to go of the final duel, either Kolstad or Elverum HH will achieve ultimate success in the play-off. No matter what, 2023/24 has still been an exceptional season for the eight players presented in the all star-team.

The goalkeeper Torbjørn Bergerud brought experience from SG Flensburg-Handewitt and GOG when he moved to the Trondheim club last season. His teammates Simen Lyse and Gabriel Setterblom control the back court for the top team and Vetle Eck Aga stand tall in defense.

ØIF Arendal has three players among the seasons best, among them playmaker Mathias Rohde Larson. Kasper Thorsen Lien adds glory to the other final contender Elverum, from the right wing.

All star-team
Right wing:
 Kasper Thorsen Lien, Elverum
Right back: Gabriel Setterblom, Kolstad
Playmaker: Mathias Rohde Larson, ØIF Arendal
Pivot: Sondre Gjerdalen, ØIF Arendal
Left back: Simen Lyse, Kolstad
Left wing: Dagur Gautason, ØIF Arendal
Defender: Vetle Eck Aga, Kolstad

Source: Tidligere GOG-profil på årets hold i Norge