Glenn Solberg reveals Sweden’s Olympic squad

The Swedish national team head coach, Glenn Solberg, has now announced his squad for this summer’s Olympics. Three goalkeepers will be sent to Paris, but the final squad has yet to be announced by the head coach.

The Swedish men’s national team will begin their quest for Olympic medals on July 27. Germany is up first, and Glenn Solberg has selected the squad for this summer. For the Olympics, the head coaches can only select 14 players and three reserves, but Solberg has not yet revealed who the reserves are.

– It’s definitely tough, especially knowing how many good players there are in Sweden, Solberg said when he presented his squad today.

Otherwise, the squad did not contain any surprises, and by July 8, the 14 regular players and three reserves must be registered. The three reserves will live outside the Olympic Village and can only train with the team.

One of the players Solberg selected, making his Olympic debut alongside Tobias Thulin, Oscar Bergendahl, and Jonathan Edvardsson, is Sebastian Karlsson. He made his championship debut for Sweden earlier this year.

– It feels really great, extremely big to play in the Olympics and represent Sweden, said Sebastian Karlsson, Montpellier HB, on stage.

Andreas Palicka, Paris Saint-Germain, 157 caps/16 goals
Tobias Thulin, GOG, 59/0
Mikael Appelgren, Rhein-Neckar Löwen, 100/2

Left Wing: 
Hampus Wanne, FC Barcelona, 95/387
Lucas Pellas, Montpellier HB, 70/222

Max Darj, Füchse Berlin, 120/144
Oscar Bergendahl, SC Magdeburg, 55/83
Andreas Nilsson, Telekom Veszprem, 154/350

Right Wing: 
Daniel Pettersson, SC Magdeburg, 89/203
Sebastian Karlsson, Montpellier HB, 14/41

Left Back: 
Jonathan Carlsbogård, FC Barcelona, 68/133
Karl Wallinius, THW Kiel, 28/26

Center Back: 
Felix Claar, SC Magdeburg, 73/193
Jim Gottfridsson, SG Flensburg-Handewitt, 154/492
Jonathan Edvardsson, TSV Hannover-Burgdorf, 21/8

Right Back: 
Albin Lagergren, SC Magdeburg, 109/320
Lukas Sandell, Telekom Veszprem, 57/138