Japan manoeuvered better than Saudi Arabia

The first match day in Bahrain concluded with four undisputed wins. Saudi Arabia came close on the losing side but Japan ruled by four goals in the end. U.A.E, Iraq and the host nation also secured opening round triumph.

Break throughs from Adam Yuki Baig and success on penalty throws by Yasuhira Kosuke became to much for Saudi Arabia. The teams approached the 45 minute mark tied at 21, but the sprint from Japan accounted for a controlled finish, 29–24.

Hong Kong against U.A.E. turned into an almost consistent uphill for Hong Kong. In the middle of the first half and the beginning of the second a course change was conceivable but U.A.E counteracted and used Tariq Almaazmi´s (ten goals) wide range to continue with the upper hand.

There was smooth sailing for Bahrain with full effect on fast breaks from Ahmed Kadhem and Ali Alasheeri to 47–13 against Kazakhstan. Another big win was recorded for Iraq against India, 55 of 72 shots for Iraq reached the net while India only produced twelve goals.

Asian Men´s Championship
Hong Kong–United Arab Emirates 24–29 (11–13)
India–Iraq 12–55 (4–26)
Japan–Saudi Arabia 29–25 (13–13)
Kazakhstan–Bahrain 13–47 (7–24)