Germany keep faith with both managers

Alfred Gislason started working with the men’s national team in 2020, Markus Gaugisch joined as coach for the women two years later. The duo has been given a renewal of confidence, with an important passage for Gislason.

Gaugisch´s contract was prolonged, uncomplicated over 2026. That means the 49-year-old will be in charge of Germany over the World Cup on home ground in 2025. 

– The Olympic Games and a home World Cup are goals that do not require any external motivation and give us the chance to get closer to them “To move closer to the top of the world, he says to DHB´s webpage.

Germany has home right in the olympic qualification, Montenegro, Slovenia and Paraguay is next up in April. 

Gislason prepare his team for similar games in just one and a half week. And for the men’s coach – at least two out of three opponents needs to be defeated for the 64-year-old to keep up.

A prerequisite for the long-time-contract until February 2027 is qualification for the Olympic Games.

–The team has enormous potential to make extreme progress in the next tournaments in the coming days. We will first subordinate everything to a successful Olympic qualification tournament, says Gislason to the website of the federation.

Germany recently finished fourth in the World Championship, narrowly missing out on a medal at the bronze duel in Cologne.