Four undisputed semifinalists in the African championship

All four group winners achieved success in the quarter-finals of the African Championship. Smooth sailing for Algeria, Cape Verde, Egypt and Tunisia – tougher battles are expected rounds when the medal games approach.

Egypt defeated Angola with 37–25, a slightly smaller margin than Algeria (36–23 against D.R. Congo) and Tunisia (37–24 against Guinea) used to advance. Cape Verde completed the favorite quartet with 31–22 over Morocco.

The step to semifinal also meant qualification to the WC 2025. Africa as a continent have five spots to award and the fifth immidiately turned into a fierce race. In the placement round, D. R. Congo and Guinea got the better of Morocco and Angola, but only after penalties were performed in Cairo. 

Guinea need one more win to reach their first ever World Championships, whereas D.R. Congo has been a challenger in the 2020s.

As for the semifinals, Egypt face Tunisia in a rerun of the 2022 edition (Egypt won 29–27). Cape Verde is up against Algeria to make it two finals in a row.