Croatia performed tour de force against Spain

Hungary beat Montenegro by a narrow margin and took over the lead in group C. Meanwhile in Mannheim, Spain was practically run over by a very determined and fast-paced Croatian team.

There was a lot of excitement already in the beginning of the third championship day. Maybe just a bit too much, Romania suffered two red cards on Nicusor Andrei Negru and Liviu Emil Caba in the first half against Austria. 

Consequently, the deprived team had a hard time keeping up the goal production and Constantin Möstl added to the Romanian issues with an impressing 17 saves overall.

Austria gained more and more control until the final whistle, 31–24 and remain an outsider for a main round spot.

Croatia in first position for the group B throne was less of a surprise than how it actually played out against Spain.

Croatia seemed well prepared and succeeded with a direct approach in defense. 39 goals in total where overwhelming for Spain, among other things had a super strong right side with Ivan Martinovic and Mario Sostaric in a productive mode (eight goals each)

Hungary and Montenegro guaranteed more tight-fought action in their opening act. Hungary started the final minute with 25–24 and control of the ball. Soon after, the referees had their hand up for passive play and Richard Bodo´s shot was blocked down. Montenegro considered equalizer options during a timeout but Kristof Palascics foot parade saved the win for Hungary.

Austria–Romania 31–24 (15–14)
Spain–Croatia 29–39 (14–18)
Hungary–Montenegro 26–24 (14–14)