Carlos Ortega join Japan for Olympic Games

Not even a week ago, Spanish media revealed the rumour of Carlos Ortega´s next coach assignment. Now, Ortega and Japan during the olympics in Paris is a done deal according to Barca´s webpage.

Ortega was put in charge of the Spanish club giant for a second time in 2021. Since then, the 52-year-old has extended his contract until 2026.

However, the summer of 2024 will differ from other preparation periods as Ortega focus on competitive games with Japan instead of Barca’s preseason program.

Japan reached eleventh place when they returned to the olympics after a 33 year long absence as a host in 2021. Dagur Sigurdsson led the team to victory in the qualification tournament last autumn but left the job in February.

Ortega is only available for Japan during the Olympic Games. In July he rejoins the national team which he coached 2016-17.

Source: Carlos Ortega dirigirà la selecció del Japó als Jocs Olímpics 2024