Belgium, Kosovo and Latvia with qualification success

As the European Championship is at full throttle, the tournament 2026 was very much in the mind of the qualification teams in action over the weekend. The so called ´Promotion Round´ brought Belgium, Kosovo and Latvia into the ordinary qualifiers round.

Belgium´s WC debut in 2023 makes a historic first European competition more reachable for the challenger. After a comforting 30–18 victory the return game was no problem, 36–22 with domination from right wing Julien Cadel and Quinten Colman in the back court.

Kosovo also concluded a 2–0 match-up against Great Britain with Valon Dedaj (eight goals) and Leonard Gegaj (six) in prominent form for the solid finish. 

Luxembourg versus Latvia offered another level of tension. Latvia started Sunday action with a seven goal margin, but Luxembourg was a force to be reckoned with on home ground. 

A great comeback took place, orchestrated by left back Yann Hoffmann (nine goals) and his very productive colleagues. Luxembourg´s eight plus goals were established already half-way and the leading team had exactly what was needed in the balancing act that followed.

In the next qualifier round – Belgium, Kosovo and Latvia join the draw where 32 teams are divided into groups of four. The first two teams in each group as well as the four top-ranked third-placed team advance to the championship.

Euro 2026, Promotion Round 
Match 2:2
Luxembourg–Latvia 36–28 (21–13)
Luxembourg to the next qualifier phase, 61–60
Cyprus–Belgium 22–36 (8-15)
Belgium to the next qualifier phase, 66–40
Great Britain–Kosovo 23–29 (11–13)
Kosovo to the next qualifier phase, 59–45