Asian Championship ready for main round

All in all, 16 competitors have became eight in the medal run in Bahrain. Qatar and South Korea were among tuesday´s winners, reaching the next phase with maximal points.

South Korea´s two goal win was constructed in the final 20 minutes when Iran slowly experienced less success in their attacks. Yeonbin Kim combined distance throws and line shots for nine goals in total securing group victory.

Kuwait finally got the pace going against Qatar, but it was a bit to late to reduce the margin from minus seven before the last quarter. Anadin Suljaković solidified the outcome by 13 saves while Mario Tomic became top scorer with five goals for Qatar.

After a well deserved rest day, main rond action begin Thursday with the following teams:

Group I: Qatar & Japan 2p, Iran & United Arab Emirates 0p.
Group II: South Korea & Bahrain 2p, Kuwait& Iraq 0p.

Top two in each group advance to the semifinals and also collect a ticket to the World Championship 2025.

Group A, Chinese Taipei–Oman 33–27 (18–10)
Kuwait–Qatar 20–24 (8–14) 
Group B, New Zealand–China 13–36 (5–19)
South Korea–Iran 26–24 (10–13)