Füchse Berlin takes big leap towards knockout stage after drama

Füchse Berlin travelled to Bucharest and the tough away game against Dinamo. After a dramatic ending the germans were victorious. The result, 33–32, means that Jaron Siewert can look forward towards the knockout stage during the spring.

At the same time as Sävehof secured the play-off spot, Füchse Berlin played their away match against Dinamo Bucharest. A game that is admittedly tough and the Germans – who lost their first league game against Kiel at the weekend – had major problems deciding the game.

The teams were closely followed throughout the match and with five minutes left the Germans were in the lead with 30-29.

But the visitors managed to keep their cool in the Romanian capital and were able to hold on to win 32-33 and just like usual, Danes Lasse Andersson and Mathias Gidsel (15 goals together) pulled a heavy load for Jaron Siewert’s team, who have effectively secured a play-off spot after their fourth straight victory in the European League.

Berlin to join Sävehof in the playoffs

A week ago, IK Sävehof defeated Swiss Pfadi Winterthur with 41-20 and in Tuesday’s return meeting away from home, Michael Apelgren’s team was successful again.

After a relatively even first half, the Partille team controlled the game during the second act and the final score was finally written at a reassuring 32–29. Among the biggest heroes in the away team were William Andersson Moberg (6 goals) and Emil Berlin (6 goals), who pulled a heavy load of nine meters.

The victory means that Sävehof can now book a place in the spring playoffs, where Sävehof will advance as one of the two best teams from group C.

European League 21 November:

Pfadi Winterthur – IK Sävehof 29–32 (14–17)
Dinamo Bucharest – Füchse Berlin 32–33 (17–16)