EL: Melic spat on home supporters after game

On the court, Sävehof won yesterday’s final main round match against RK Nexe, but it was the scenes after the match that were mostly talked about when the Croatians’ Fahrudin Melic chose to confront the Sävehof supporters – and spit on them.

It was after the important game Sävehof versus Nexe chaos erupted where Melic directly after the final whistle choose to walk straight down to the supporters corner. Peter Möller, father to the players Simon and Felix, writes on X that Melic choose to spat on him and in an interview to Aftonbladet, he stated that Melic aimed to the hit the supporters but hit him instead.

This is not the first time the two parties have clashed. When the teams last met in 2022, Melic also got into a dispute with the supporters and the home fans chose before the game to put up a banner to remind him.

Nexe writes on their website that the incident happened because the IK Sävehof supporters shouted insulting curses in Croatian for the whole match which in the end threw Melic out of tact, but it luckily ended with just words after “the brave young men” backed off.

Gohandball contacted Nexe, and the club’s press officer, Danko Justic, says that Melic received curses and insults throughout the entire match, and that the situation escalated when the fans mentioned his children. 

–  They also insulted the other players and their family members, and the whole situation escalated after they started insulting Melić’s children, to which he reacted impulsively.

Justic continues.

– We do not justify his reaction, but we want to express our regret for the behavior of the young fans who were wearing the club’s insignia. In an otherwise excellent atmosphere and a very hospitable environment, they cast a stain on a top sporting event, which we consider to be absolutely inappropriate behavior on the sports fields, which the Management of IK Sävehof should definitely point out to them so that this kind of thing does not happen again.