Drama in Berlin – last second equalizer

Füchse Berlin was in the lead until the last minutes when Nantes turned the European League match around. But in the last second Tim Freihöfer equalized for the Germans and it all ended 33–33 ahead of the rematch in France next week.

Two of the main favorites of the tournament squared up in the German capital last night. And what a game it was! Mathias Gidsel (9 goals and 6 assists) and Aymeric Minne (10 goals and 2 assists) battled it out from start to finish.

Berlin was in the lead until the 57th minute when Nantes took over the game. It all looked like the French top team was going back to France with a lead from game 1, but in the last second Berlin found a way to get Tim Freihöfer the ball. The left wing made no mistake and equalized the highly dramatic game, 33–33.

Next week the teams face each other once again, with Nantes having the home-side advantage.