Toni Gerona leaves coach assignment in Serbia

Serbia was eliminated in the European Championship a few days ago. An early outcome of the evaluation process was published soon after, Toni Gerona steps down as national team coach.

Serbia managed to secure one point in the opening game against Iceland. The rest of the group stage went downhill with two tight losses, when Hungary and the neighbour Montenegro defeated Toni Gerona´s team.

All in all Serbia finished on 19th place. The contract of the coach was terminated after three and a half years – in a mutual agreement, according to the federation website.

– It is not easy to deal with this situation after the European Championship. We did not achieve our goal and it is understandable that the Handball Association of Serbia needs new energy before everything that follows, says the Spanish coach to RSS.

Gerona´s successor is yet to be announced. As the olympics is out of reach, Serbia shift focus to the World Cup-playoff.