Portugal brought down Norway´s defense

The Main round commenced with sparkling attacks and not so convincing defensive efforts. Norway were successful from the start the lead changed hands, in the end Portugal sprinted to victory, 37–32. 6453

Norway seemed set on running through the first half. Wingman Kristian Bjørnsen was vital in setting up the score sheet with a lot of goals, often supplied by Sander Sagosen.

The three goal lead was never solid, taking into account that Norway has been lacking decisive power in some of the earlier Euro games. 

Wasted opportunities from the back court magician were unnecessary actions and Portugal were keen to produce after the mistakes. 

Some quick attacks and opening passes to the pivot Luis Frade was enough to turn it around in Hamburg, Portugal was three goals up by half time.

Norway changed keeper at several occasions. The most successful switch was Torbjørn Bergerud´s return 15 minutes after the break. The chase took Norway very close to contact and Bjørnsen was joined by Alexander Blonz with rapid runs.   

Portugal was adamant to avoid an equaliser and used an array of offensive qualities to stay ahead. Pedro Portela and Rui Silva kept cool during the most intensive periods and Martim Costa was not afraid to test his shooting skills with seven goals altogether.

Norway fell behind in the final minutes, not just losing the game but facing a very slim chance to compete for any top position in the entire round. Portugal keep a more accomplished position in the peloton.

Norway–Portugal 32–37 (15–18)