Montenegro´s first Euro 2024 win – fought off Serbia

Serbia´s last chance saloon failed when Montenegro finally had a say in Euro 2024. The Balkan derby became a physical duel until the final whistle, 30–29 to Montenegro.

The result put Montenegro just before Serbia in the group D conclusion, both out of reach for the main round. Still, the excitement and two teams pushing all the way made it worthwhile in Munich.

Montenegro led for many minutes, with Vuko Borozan´s projectiles as a forceful weapon. Just before Serbia could catch up, Montenegro pulled away again in the first half.

A major gap never occurred in the game, centre back Lazar Kukic had an accurate right arm which kept Serbia in the game, 14–15 at half time.

Montenegro moved on with Branko Vujovic´s bouncing shots but risked losing the grip when the goalkeeper, Nebojsa Simic was shown the red card after a counter-attack collision.

The disturbance didn´t last long, Montenegro were soon a pair of goals up before Serbia turned the final minutes to an even more thrilling sensation.

Two rapid goals with less than two minutes to go opened for an either-way-finish. Borozan´s shot to 28–29 meant one point in the bag for Montenegro and even though Serbia equalized Nemanja Grbovic made the most of a rebound in the final seconds to fix 29–30.

One game to go in group D, Hungary and Iceland battle for victory and points to bring to the next round.

Serbia—Montenegro 29–30 (14–15)