List: The best U21 players at the 2024 European Championship

The European Championship is approaching and in a series of articles GoHandball presents the championship’s five best players in various categories. Next up: the championship’s five best U21 players.

Oli Mittún, Faroe Islands

Goal machine, playmaker and powerhouse in one. Has continued to impress during his second season in Sävehof and has the opportunity to become one of the championship’s absolute biggest exclamation points. Much also suggests that Mittún, along with cousin Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu, will have a prominent role in the Faroe Islands, which could be an unpleasant surprise for several teams.

Oli Mittún. Photo: Avdo Bilkanovic / BILDBYRÅN

Petar Cikusa Jelicic, Spain

It was only one of two twins who got a place in Jordi Ribera’s final squad, but it would rather be extremely unusual if two 18-year-olds were included in a medal candidate’s championship squad. However, Petar Cikusa Jelicic is something special to keep an eye on. He has already received a lot of playing time in Barcelona and made his debut for the national team in the autumn. Now he will certainly compete with Agustin Cassado and Ian Tarrafeta, but I think there will be an opportunity to throw Jelicic into the heat during the course of the tournament.

Petar Cikusa Jelicic. Photo: Victor Salgado, FC Barcelona

Hákun West Av Teigum, Faroe Islands

After three seasons, Hákun West Av Teigum made the move from Skanderborg Aarhus to Füchse Berlin this summer. There he has shown that Jaron Siewert does not have to look very long to find Hans Lindberg’s long-term replacement. In this championship, a lot is indicating that Teigum will have a vital role and a lot says that this can be a future top scorer.

Francisco Costa, Portugal

The Portuguese prodigy, born in 2005, is already making his second major international championship. Equipped with a smartness and a sense of purpose that many players can only dream of, this is one of the sport’s absolute biggest future names. It is also likely that he will get a bigger role in the team – than was the case in last year’s WC. Also has brother Martim Costa with him in the Portuguese squad, he too is classed as an extraordinary talent.

Francisco Costa. Photo: Michael Erichsen / BILDBYRÅN

Nils Lichtlein, Germany

The 21-year-old has managed to work his way into Füchse Berlin’s rotation during the autumn. That alone is an impressive feat considering the players he’s actually competing with. Belongs to the modern school, with good speed, breakthrough style and a sense of play that speaks for a bright future. Lichtlein is also somewhat unusual as a left-handed middle nine, which in itself almost makes him a personal favorite.

Outside the competition Elias Ellefsen at Skipagötu, Faroe Islands

One of the championship’s most watchable players. Left Sävehof during the summer the mighty THW Kiel. Passes the age barrier of 21 years, but is totally superior and has to leave room for five new names this time – but there will be plenty of reasons to write columns about the faroese MVP in the coming weeks anyway!