List: The best left wings at the 2024 European Championship

The 2024 European Championship is getting closer and in a series of articles Ola Selby, reporter at GoHandball, picks his 5 best players at each position. It’s time for the left wings. 

Here are the players:

Hampus Wanne, Sweden

Hampus Wanne of Sweden. Photo: Petter Arvidson / BILDBYRÅN

Not a clear number one at his position in Barcelona, but Wanne often gets the nod in the big games and usually performs well. Still one of the fastest players in the world and still one of the best finishers in the world. Has great competition from Lucas Pellas, but Wanne is still Glenn Solberg’s number one on the left wing.

Emil Jakobsen, Denmark

Emil Jakobsen of Denmark. Photo: Jesper Zerman / BILDBYRÅN

Took over on the left wing after Hampus Wanne in Flensburg. Scores goals at will, making him one of the best goalscorers in the Bundesliga. The only thing missing for Jakobsen to get the full respect as a top player is a great championship. Everything points to the Euros 2024 being that championship.

Hugo Descat, France

Has come back strong after injury and has been an important player for Veszprem during this season. Everyone knows what the Frenchman is capable of when he is at his best. My guess is that Descat will come back with a vengeance this Euros to help France bring home a medal.

Lucas Pellas, Sweden

Lucas Pellas of Sweden. Photo: Michael Erichsen / BILDBYRÅN

The Swede has been incredible for Montpellier this season, a season that has been his best one since leaving the Swedish domestic league a few years ago. He scores a lot of goals at high efficiency and has proven himself to be a great replacement for Descat.

Dylan Nahi, France

Will probably get a lot of playing time during the Euros, not only for his scoring ability but also for his quality as a defender. Nahi has already a few great championships under his belt even though he is only 24 years old.