Historic victory: Faroe Islands earn first-ever point in thrilling draw against Norway

The Faroe Islands earned their first-ever point in the match against Norway. The Norwegians were among the top-favored teams before the championship but had to settle for a draw against the Faroe Islands.

Europe’s and the world’s fifth-ranked handball nation is filled with seasoned stars like Sander Sagosen, Harald Reinkind, and Kristian Bjørnsen. However, Norway had to sweat until the end against the Faroe Islands. The atmosphere in the Mercedes-Benz Arena turned out to be the Faroe Islands’ eighth player, and the team made history in front of the massive support from their own fans.

Norway had a three-goal lead with four minutes left and seemed poised to secure the victory. However, the Faroe Islands rallied, and with 30 seconds remaining, they reduced the deficit to 25-26. Jonas Wille threw in the timeout card with barely 15 seconds left.

Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu managed to steal the ball and was brought down by Harald Reinkind. This resulted in the referees awarding a penalty. Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu confidently placed the ball behind Tornbjørn Bergerud, securing a draw against Norway. The result meant that the Faroe Islands earned their first point in EHF Euro history.

Faroe Islands–Norway 26–26 (12–13)

Men’s EHF Euro, January 13th:
Group D:
Poland–Slovenia 25–32 (14–20)
Group E:
Bosnia Herzegovina–Netherlands 20–36 (7–17)
Georgia–Sweden 26–42 (9–23)
Group F:
Czechia–Portugal 27–30 (7–13)
Greece–Denmark 28–40 (13–20)