Germany toppled Hungary in semifinal run

Germany and Hungary were almost unseparable after the first half in Cologne. In a game with many productive attacks, the host kept a high pace throughout to 35–28.

The battle for second place and a semifinal spot shaped up to an exciting game in Cologne. 

The offensive performance was properly adjusted compared to the defense of both teams, who allowed 35 goals in the first 30 minutes. 

Andreas Wolff was among the victims of the frequent goal production. The German keeper icon was switched both off and on, until he could raise the save percentage after the break.

Germany was slightly better in the beginning, with Julian Köster and Sebastian Heymann in charge of finding the net.

Hungary responded with power shots from Gabor Ancsin, stretching the backcourt distance beyond nine meters.

Juri Knorr had to account for some mistakes in the first half but got some revenge when Germany increased the lead right from the whistle in the second half.

Suddenly, only Germany could deal with the speed and the tight game turned into a dominant effort.

Germany advance to second place and a win over Croatia in the final game of the Main round will see the host nation make it to semifinal.

Germany–Hungary 35–28 (18–17)