Croatia confirms exciting squad for Euro preparation

Croatia can look back at six medals in the history of the European Championships. Now they have confirmed their squad for the final preparations for the upcoming tournament in Germany. 

The years of Ivano Balic and Igor Vori are long gone – but Croatia can still be a contender against every team if they can get everything to click. Now, national team coach, Goran Perkovac has confirmed the squad for the final preparations for the upcoming Euros in Germany.

The squad includes some experienced names – like Domagov Duvnjak and Luka Cindric – but also some young talents – like Tin Lucin and Matej Mandic, that will be important for the future of Croatian handball. 

Croatia will be a part of group B at the Euros, where they will face Spain, Romania and Austria. 

The Croatian squad:

Dominik Kuzmanovic
Matej Mandic
Filip Ivic

Wing players: 
David Mandic
Marin Jelinic
Lovro Mihic
Mario Sostaric
Filip Glavas

Marin Sipic
Veron Nacinovic
Tomislav Kusan

Back players: 
Domagoj Duvnjak
Igor Karacic
Luka Cindric
Luka Stepancic
Ivan Martinovic
Mateo Maras
Luka Lovre Klarica
Josip Sarac
Tin Lucin
Marko Mamic
Matej Hristic
Zvonimir Srna