Confirmed: Serbia presents squad for EHF Euro

Serbia have not won a medal at the EHF Euros since 2012. But now, Toni Gerona has presented his squad for the upcoming tournament in Germany.

In 2012 the EHF Euro was held in Serbia and the hosts were extremely close to take home the final against Denmark. But Denmark, and Mikkel Hansen, had other things in mind and won that final with 21–19.

But in January the Serbian team gets another chance to compete against the biggest teams out there. With barely a month left the coach Toni Gerona has announced his squad – where Stefan Dodic is one of the injured players who will not compete in the tournament.

Serbia will play in the same group as Iceland, Hungary and Montenegro – a group that will take place in Munich.

Dejan Milosevljev
Vladimir Cupara
Milan Bomastar

Left Wing:
Nemanja Ilic
Vanja Ilic

Right Wing:
Bogdan Radivojevic
Vukasin Vorkapic

Dragan Pechmalbec
Luka Rogan
Mijajlo Marsenic

Back Players:
Lazar Kukic
Ilja Abutovic
Marko Milosavljevic
Petar Djordjic
Uros Borzas
Milos Kos
Miljan Pusica
Milos Orbovic
Predrag Vejin
Uros Kojadinovic