Confirmed: Sanchez Migallón out for the tournament – replacement called in

Miguel Sanchez Migallón suffered a fracture against Croatia. Now, Jordi Ribera has called in Viran Morros to reinforce the Spanish defense for the rest of the Euros.

Spain lost their premiere of the Euros against Croatia with 29–39 and got a quick reality check after their previous success. During the Saturday, Spain also confirmed that Miguel Sanchez Migallón has suffered a fracture in his hand – and is out for the tournament.

The injury was suffered in the game against Croatia and later during the night an x-ray confirmed that Sanchez Migallón has suffered a fracture and is expected to be out for two months.

But national team coach Jordi Ribera didn’t hesitate and has already called in the experienced defensive specialist Viran Morros as replacement.

Morros has been a big part of the Spanish defense during the last decade and will travel to Mannheim during the afternoon and Ribera hopes that he will be able for this afternoon’s practice session.

Source: Real Federación Española De Balonmano