3 takes after Poland–Faroe Islands: “Skipagøtu, Polish stars & the best is yet to come”

Elias Ellefsen a Skipagøtu did it again, the Polish stars delivered & the best is yet to come for this Faroe Islands team. Here are Ola Selbys 3 takes after Poland defeated the Faroe Islands, 32–28.

Skipagøtu is out of this world

Everyone who saw him play handball in the Swedish domestic league knows what Elias Ellefsen a Skipagøtu is all about. But the move to THW Kiel and the Bundesliga has not been a walk in the park so far for the 21-year-old who has, understandably, struggled with playing time under Filip Jicha.

But in the 2024 European Championship, the playmaker has done it all for the Faroe Islands. And the game against Poland was no different. In the first half alone Elias had 6 goals, and 5 assists and was the player who did it all for his team. The big international breakthrough came during this Euros for the Faroe phenom.

The Polish stars delivered

Poland has been a big disappointment during the Euros. But against the Faroe Islands the big stars, Szymon Sicko and Kamil Syprzak, delivered. They scored 19 out of Poland’s 32 goals and finally did what was expected of them. If it weren’t for the top performances of the Kielce and PSG players Poland would have lost again tonight.

The best is yet to come for this Faroe Islands team

2 tight losses and one heroic and historic point against Norway. The Faroe Islands surprised everyone during the 2024 Euros, but still have to, along with around 5000 Faroese fans, travel home to the Faroe Islands after the preliminary round. However, they can all be proud of what they achieved. And the best is yet to come. Skipagøtu is 21 years old, Hakun West af Teigum is 21 years old as well and Óli Mittún is only 18. The sense is that the Faroe Islands is just one player away from making it to the main round of a championship. Maybe that championship will come rather sooner than later.