Stefan Kretzschmar and Telekom Veszprem in social media debate

Stefan Kretzschmar presented the information that Telekom Veszprem made a bid of two million euros to get Emil Nielsen to switch from Barcelona. However, the Hungarian club’s response came fast:

“April 1 is still to come, you missed the date”, Veszprem wrote in social media.

The wing legend, now expert and podcaster discussed Kiel´s goalkeeper situation, moving on to the options for Barcelona in the latest episode of “Harzblut”.

The Spanish giant has tightened the budget and will definitely release Gonzalo Perez de Vargas to THW Kiel in 2025. According to Kretzschmar, there is also huge interest in keeper colleague Emil Nielsen.

– I think Veszprem gave him or Barcelona an offer of two million euros.

– At least that’s what I heard, that Veszprem was reportedly willing to pay that amount, he said on the Harzblut podcast.

Veszprem didn´’t seem to appreciate that the rumour was widespread via the podcast

“We would not expect such statements from a serious sport manager of a serious handball club like yours of yesterday about Telekom Veszprem”, the club wrote in their official twitter account. 

Veszprem also asked Kretzschmar to correct his ”mistake” which has led to further replies in the twitter thread.

Harzblut on Youtube >>
(the goalkeeper discussion from 18:00 onwards)