Sigvaldi Gudjonsson signs multiple-year-deal with Kolstad

The economic issues has been resolved and Norwegian challenger Kolstad seems determined to keep a high international level in the years to come. If not already, Sigvaldi Gudjonsson will for sure become a Kolstad profile during his six seasons in a prolonged contract.

Previous agreements of the Trondheim club include Christian Berge, Sander Sagosen, Torbjørn Bergerud and Simen Lyse to play continuously. 

Gudjonsson, wing player who arrived in Kolstad in 2022 may not consider any other option until the end of the decade. That is, when he is 36 years old.

– I didn´t think this would take such a long time, nevertheless I have always been sure of an outcome like this. Both parties were focused on agreeing on a long-term contract, that it would span until 2030, the longest I´ve ever written – I actually didn’t see that coming, says Gudjonsson to the club webpage.

With the deal done, Gudjonsson quickly turns to the job at hand. Kolstad versus Zagreb Wednesday evening is a key to reaching a play-off spot, Kolstad is currently number seven in the table.

– I`m still a big believer in the Kolstad project. I feel I have an important role and can contribute to our ambition to play Champions League in many seasons, and also be able to fight for a place in Final four, says Gudjonsson to the website of the club.

Source: Med Sigvaldi til 2030!