Positive ´B sample´ for Nikola Portner

SC Magdeburg reports further news regarding Nikola Portner. The B sample in the doping test came back positive confirming the first results, which suspended the 30-year-old goalkeeper.

Portner came under scrutiny when a doping test showed amounts of a forbidden substance. Since the first announcement, Portner has been out of play awaiting the proceedings.

”The analysis of the B sample has (as usual) confirmed the result of the A sample. With regard to the concentration level, we refer to the statements made so far,” says Prof. Dr. Rainer Tarek Cherkeh, a specialist lawyer commissioned by Handball Magdeburg in the club’s communication.

The matter moves on to Anti-Doping Commission of the German Handball Association (DHB) which will rule and possibly penalise Portner. 

According to Handball-world, the level of concentration of the banned substance might affect the case.