Media: Possible swap deal between Pick Szeged and Nantes

Michael Apelgren and Jonas Källman take over the helm of Pick Szeged after the season. Now information from the site claims that the Hungarian club will bring in Nantes player Jeremy Toto in a swap deal, where Maten Gaber goes in the opposite direction.

Michael Apelgren and Jonas Källman will, starting in the summer, be responsible on the Pick Szeged bench. But work is already being done feverishly to put together a powerful squad for the autumn.

The latest in the line of rumors comes from the site and claims that a trade deal may be relevant. According to the information, the deal will involve Jeremy Toto, who joins Pick Szeged, while the Slovenian Maten Gaber goes in the opposite direction and joins Nantes in the summer.

This would mean that Gaber will again play in the French league, having previously been in Montpellier, while he will compete for minutes with Theo Monar and William Höghielm.

For Toto, this means that he will, most likely, return to Champions League play, which he has had to test in both Nantes and Vardar earlier in his career.