Kolstad star Magnus Abelvik Rød attracts Champions League powerhouses

According to Norwegian TV 2, national team and Kolstad player Magnus Abelvik Rød is being pursued by several Champions League clubs.

Bundesliga club Melsungen is reportedly in the market for new players, with Abelvik Rød being one of their targets. There have been rumors suggesting that Danish club GOG has also expressed interest.

– There is interest from Denmark, Germany, France, but some of the hottest rumors are circulating in Eastern Europe, says TV 2’s handball expert Bent Svele to the website.

According to TV 2’s information, the hottest clubs are said to be Hungarian Pick Szeged, which is in Kolstad’s group in the Champions League, and Polish Wisla Plock. Both Pick Szeged and Wisla Plock have been second in their respective countries but are aiming to secure the top spot in both domestic leagues and the Champions League. They are willing to invest significantly to acquire players who can help them achieve their goals.

TV 2 has been in contact with Magnus Abelvik Rød. The 26-year-old does not wish to comment on anything regarding his own club future at this time and states that questions related to this matter can be directed to the general manager, Jostein Sivertsen.

Financial challenges and salary reductions in Kolstad

Kolstad had to cut 30% of players’ salaries before the season due to a shortfall in sponsorship funds. Players, including Magnus Abelvik Rød, Sander Sagosen, Gøran Søgard Johannessen, Sigvaldi Gudjonsson, Magnus Gullerud, Torbjørn Bergerud, and Vetle Eck Aga, signed new one-year contracts with salary reductions.

The club has been actively seeking funds throughout the fall, and it remains uncertain if they can secure the necessary finances to retain the current squad. Players have until March 1 to decide on their continuation, but pursuing clubs seek prompt answers to shape their teams for the next season. Kolstad also aims to provide financial and player logistics signals to the team before the holiday break.

Source: tv2.no