CL: The goalkeepers decided the Scandinavian derby

Niklas Landin has started to warm up after the move to Aalborg – and against Kolstad it was time for the next great performance. The Dane landed at 42 in save percentage as his Aalborg secured a solid 29-18 win away from home.

Niklas Landin had a, by his standards, slow start to the season after the move from Kiel to Aalborg. But when he returned to Kiel, the goalie icon nailed it again as the Danes won by a whopping 27–18 away from home.

Since then, Landin has continued his great play and on Wednesday evening he was on the move again – this time against Norwegian Kolstad.

Landin was a bit unplayable in the first half, conceding only nine goals, while making seven saves. This gave the visitors a 14–9 lead going into the second act.

Aalborg was then able to guard, and extend, the lead during the second half, where Fabian Norsten also had to come in and answer for four saves on seven shots in the final minutes.

The fine goalkeeping meant that Aalborg only conceded 18 goals. This, while producing a full 29 forwards, means two heavy points for the Danes, who step up into the temporary group lead.

Champions League November 29:

Kolstad–Aalborg 18–29 (9–14)

Celje–Wisla Plock 25–30 (13–15)

RK Zagreb–Pick Szeged 30–25 (17–12)

GOG–Porto 35–27 (20–12)