CL: One point each for Kielce and Kiel

The top duel between Industri Kielce and THW Kiel ended up with a draw. Barca, Montpellier HB and PSG passed their assignments with clear margins to strengthen their various upper positions.

Kiel remain in charge of group A after a dramatic finish. With 15 seconds to go, the board showed 35 all but there were a couple of goals left in the game. A breakthrough from Igor Karacic could have clinched the victory for the home team but Kiel turned around quickly and Niclas Ekberg secured a point from the right wing.

Ekberg was all in all brilliant with seven goals, accompanied by his Swedish colleague Eric Johansson. Kielce joined in with an equal amount by Alex Dujshebaev and Nicolas Tournat.

Paris Saint-Germain´s defense put the guests on the right path against Eurofarm Pelister. Supported by Janice Green between the posts, PSG only allowed 25 goals in total and top scorer Kamil Syprzak (seven goals) could help the conquering mode.

In the same fashion, Montpellier HB almost left no room for Celje attacking attempts in group B. Barca became the only winning away team and presented GOG with a tough challenge as Emil Nielsen summed up 20 saves to 23–30 at the final whistle.

Champions League
Group A, Kielce–THW Kiel 36–36 (15–17)
Eurofarm Pelister–Paris Saint-Germain 25–31 (9–15)
Group B, GOG–Barca 23–30 (14–17)
Montpellier HB–Celje 32–21 (17–12)