Carlsbogård uncertain about Barcelona-future

Jonathan Carlsbogård has a contract with Barcelona until the summer of 2025. But there are already thoughts about the future.
– Now we’ll see what happens in the next few months and then maybe we’ll have to think about the future after that, says the Barcelona Swede to Handbollskanalen.

In the summer of 2022, Jonathan Carlsbogård took the step from German Lemgo to the big team Barcelona. There, the Kärra product has had to get used to the pressure that comes with going into more or less every game during a season as a favorite.

– When I came here, they had won the Champions League two years in a row and it is a very good group with very good people. We’re constantly working to get better and it’s always the next match, the next title and sometimes there’s something awkward, but we’ve been good at bouncing back from them, says Carlsbogård when Handbollskanalen reaches him on Monday.

In the Swedish national team, Carlsbogård has become known as a two-way player, who contributes in both parts of the field – but in Barcelona, the focus has primarily been on the defensive.

– What was said when I moved here was that I would play in both directions, but during the first season there was almost no offensive play at all. Now there has been a little more during the pre-season and we have two changes to be made and then you get a little more chances in the second phase, says Carlsbogård and continues:

– But it is clear that I want to play more attacking games as well. It’s not me who decides it, but I know what I can do and want to be able to show it too – because I think it works here too.

Uncertain future

In the summer of 2022, Carlsbogård signed a contract that extends to the summer of 2025. At the moment, in other words, roughly half of the contract period remains, but it is still unclear what happens after the end of the contract.

– Right now I just want to do what I do well. But it is clear that handball is not like football where you buy players for huge amounts, here the clubs get to be out in good time and it may be that there is interest long before the contracts expire, he says and continues:

– Now we’ll see what happens in the next few months and then maybe we’ll have to think about the future after that. I just want to play as much handball as possible and get the chance to play in both directions, then whether it is possible to do even more in Barcelona, I don’t know.

High player turnover

Barcelona is a club that has taken on huge mountains of debt over the past decade and media reports claim that the club is doing everything it can to reduce financial expenses.

The handball section has noticed the financial problems by having players like Luka Cindric and Ludovic Fabregas leave before the season. But in the player group, nothing is discussed.

– There is a little talk about it and decisions are made here and there, but it is so high up, so it is not something that I have attached any great importance to. We have representatives and our team captains are the ones involved in that. I can’t really say anything because I haven’t noticed anything special about that part during my time here, sums up Carlsbogård.