Andreas Nilsson: “My intention is to stay in Veszprem”

Rumors in Swedish media place Andreas Nilsson in Önnereds HK next season. When GoHandball talks to the pivot he is clear on his plans for the future.
– I intend to stay in Veszprem for the duration of my contract, says Nilsson.

When GoHandball spoke to Christoffer Lind, sports director of Önnered, he, amongst other things, had this to say:

– I believe that all the teams in the Swedish league would want him on their team if he was moving back home. But I don’t want to comment on whether or not he has been signed by Önnered.

What does the pivot himself say about the rumors? GoHandball called him and asked.

– It was the same story last year regarding HK Aranäs. It’s no secret that I am moving back home soon, but I have one year left in Hungary. So it’s not something I am thinking of doing right now, but when my contract is up I want to move back home, says the 33-year-old.

– It’s not completely sure that I am moving home after next season but most likely that’s the case. My family wants to move home as well. Our oldest son starts school then and soon after it’s time for our other son. So it’s almost time.

What would it take for you to move before 2025?

– It’s first and foremost a family decision. I intend to stay in Veszprem for the duration of my contract, but we will see what happens. You should never say never and I have been out in Europe for a lot of years now. But I see it as less likely that I move before 2025, says Andreas Nilsson.