U20 WC: Easy rides to Main Round

Having completed two game days, eight nations are ready for the Main round. There was no stopping six European teams, plus Egypt and Korea who all have secured maximum points to qualify for the next stage of the Junior World Championships.

The second edition of the 32-team-version of the U20 competition is well underway in North Macedonia, Increasing the line-up has its pros and cons, one of which being that the top two in the group stage is fairly easy picked.

With the group finals still to come, Netherlands and Romania are through from group A and the same goes for Switzerland and Egypt in group B. Hungary with 62 in goal difference sails through group C with Korea not far behind and the nordic duo Denmark and Norway battle it out for top spot in group D having passed the Main round threshold.  

Denmark´s left wing Matilde Marie Westergaard is early top scorer with 16 goals. Alicia Lorena Boiciuc of Romania has used her distance and playmaker skills to the extent of 15 goals.