Veszprem in charge of final in Hungary

Telekom Veszprem owned the first final and stands just 60 minutes away from another title. The first half lay the ground, Veszprem was on top with Yahia Omar in supreme attacking mode and Rodrigo Corrales up for a lot of saves.

Szeged found a way to break Veszprem´s magic in the beginning of the decade, but the red giant eyes the second straight gold after the impressive display of handball quality.

The home team could trust their back court options and Veszprem has a convincing 6–0-run over the 2023/24 season against the rival, Szeged.

Szeged only chance is to fuel up for the return game on Tuesday.

Telekom Veszprem–Pick Szeged 35-28 (19–13)