GoHandball.com Launches as the Ultimate Hub for Global Handball Enthusiasts

December 5th marks the official launch of GoHandball.com, the new international destination for handball enthusiasts. The new website and its wide range of social media channels aims to provide a comprehensive platform for all handball news and an immersive experience for fans of this exhilarating sport. Behind GoHandball.com is the team that over the last decade has built Handbollskanalen.se into the leading Scandinavian handball platform.

– When we launched Handbollskanalen back in 2015 it was born out of frustration over the lack of news coverage for handball, the sport we love to both play, watch and discuss with friends and fellow fans. Over the last eight years we have built a leading news site and a loyal fan base that have encouraged us to increase our journalistic ambitions, especially when it comes to international coverage. We now hope to bring our learnings and creative approach to the next level with GoHandball.com, says Jimmy Grandin, founder of Handbollskanalen.se & GoHandball.com and senior editor and journalistic director at both platforms.

Unveiling the future of Handball coverage

GoHandball.com aims to be more than just a website – the ambition is to bring the world of handball to the fingertips of fans across the globe. With a commitment to delivering up-to-the-minute news, exclusive interviews, and in-depth analyses, GoHandball.com is set to redefine the way enthusiasts engage with the sport.

– We launched our Swedish company and platform the same month as the iPhone 6S was introduced and Instagram hadn’t yet turned five years old. The accelerating technological evolution makes today a totally different world, with no lack of handball content in social media channels anymore. But despite the proliferation of content it’s difficult to get an overview of the latest news and the most talked about recent events. We feel that there is an opportunity to provide handball fans around the world with a natural hub and a trusted curator role to everything that’s going on, says Oskar Mattelin, founder of Handbollskanalen.se & GoHandball.com and director of content and technology for the two platforms.

Key features of GoHandball.com include:

  • Breaking News: Stay on top of the latest developments in the handball world with our real-time breaking news coverage.
  • Exclusive Interviews: Get insights straight from the players, coaches, and key figures shaping the future of handball.
  • In-Depth Analyses: Dive into the strategies, statistics, and stories behind each game with our team of handball experts.
  • Interactive Community: Join a thriving community of handball enthusiasts, share your thoughts, and connect with fans from around the world.
  • Unparalleled Highlights: Relive the most memorable moments of every match with our high-quality video highlights.

Launched during the IHF Women’s World Championship 2023, GoHandball.com invites handball fans to explore the website and join the conversation on social media. The website is designed to be an inclusive space where the global handball community can come together to celebrate their shared passion.

– It is only through feedback from the fans that we together can create the best news site and the most engaging social media channels. We hope that the launch of GoHandball.com will make people curious and increase their appetite for a new approach to handball news and content. We are very proud of what we’ve built in Handbollskanalen, but now we’re excited to take on the world with our ideas, our new approach and our fantastic team of writers and contributors, says Johan Sjökvist, partner at Handbollskanalen & GoHandball.com and director of commercial partnerships.

About GoHandball.com

GoHandball.com is on a mission to elevate the handball experience for fans worldwide. With a dedicated team of writers, analysts, and enthusiasts, the website aims to provide a one-stop destination for everything handball-related.

GoHandball.com and Handbollskanalen.se are owned and operated by Creative Media Nordic Group AB (ltd).

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