TBV Lemgo Lippe next for Jarnes Faust

Jarnes Faust will switch from THW Kiel to TBV Lemgo Lippe 2024/25. The 19-year-old is keen to develop his talent after his first career move on highest level.

After a promising youth period, Faust joined Kiel in 2020 and got to work for U19 and U23 zebra teams. Bundesliga didn´t have to wait long for Faust´s debut, Frisch Auf Göppingen suffered seven goals when he was ready for the top flight.

However, 2022/23 was characterized by a setback, a torn cruciate ligament. Having signed his first professional contract currently performs in THW Kiel, that and the number of minutes on the pitch will likely change when Faust move to Lemgo Lippe.

– I am very grateful to the THW for giving me the chance and the trust to prove myself at the highest level and I am overjoyed for the experiences I was able to gain here, says Faust to the club webpage.

– I would also like to take advantage of this opportunity and take the next steps in my career. The concept absolutely convinced me and training with Florian Kehrmann under a former world-class right winger in the future will definitely help me, he continues.

The wing player has signed until 2026 with Lemgo Lippe. 

Source: Kieler Toptalent Faust wechselt zum TBV