Swedish and Danish players dominates the Bundesliga’s MVP race

Three Swedes and four Danes – that’s how the distribution looks in the Bundesliga’s MVP race, as presented last night.

Sweden and Denmark seem to have taken control over Germany, at least in the Bundesliga’s MVP race. Out of seven players, three are from Sweden and four are from Denmark.

Sweden’s representatives are Felix Claar, Eric Johansson, and Mikael Appelgren. Currently, Claar is the closest of the three to win it. With an impressive season tally of 178 goals, he has been one of the best players this season worldwide.

The current favorite to win is Claar’s teammate, Magnus Saugstrup. Not only was he immovable in Magdeburg’s defense, but he also scored 106 goals while missing only twelve shots, making his performance something special. Mathias Gidsel, who broke the record for the most non-penalty goals in a season with 263, joins 42-year-old Hans Lindberg and Casper Mortensen as the other three nominees.