SC DHfK Leipzig is appealing the loss against ThSV Eisenach

Eisenach defeated Leipzig by 25–24 on Friday evening. But now Leipzig has lodged a protest against the assessment of the match against Eisenach. This was confirmed by Karsten Günther, managing director for SC DHfK Leipzig, on Monday.

– A handball match lasts for 60 minutes. Net playing time. The match on Friday only lasted for 59:54 minutes. Six seconds were missing,” said Günther.

Eisenach had defeated SC DHfK with a score of 25:24 on Friday evening. At the elapsed time of 58:49 minutes, Leipzig called for a timeout, and upon the resumption of the game, the clock apparently showed 58:55 minutes. Leipzig managed to equalize with the last attack, but this occurred just after the final buzzer and consequently did not count.

– Anyone who followed the outcome of the game saw that with one or two seconds more on the clock, we would have had a realistic chance to come out with a draw, said Günther.

The sports court of the Handball Bundesliga must now decide. If Leipzig is granted the right, a replay of the match is possible.

Source: Handball World