Potsdam finished first in 2. Bundesliga

The 2. Bundesliga concluded without tension regarding promotion and relegation. VfL Potsdam beat TV 05/07 Hüttenberg 28–25 and raised the well-deserved league trophy.

Potsdam lost only once on home ground and fulfilled the intention to finish with a victory in front of the fans. Team number one was 13 points ahead of the first non-promoted contender so the drama happened far behind Potsdam’s capable squad. 

SG BBM Bietigheim also acquired a Bundesliga ticket long before the last round. Bietigheim achieved a tie in the last league game, 35–35 against Dessau-Rosslauer and move on to cheer for Christian Schäfer´s career end after 17 seasons. Next up: strengthen squad with the Bundesliga 2024/25 ahead. 

TuS Vinnhorst and EHV Aue leave 2. Bundesliga via the trapdoor. With the top ten teams reaching the DHB Cup next season there was some excitement for HSG Nordhorn-Lingen who managed to  run away from GWD Minden in the beginning of the second half.

Right back Max Beneke of Potsdam became top scorer with 291 goals, with a huge gap to Dessau-Rosslauer´s Timo Löser (244) and Fynn Hangstein representing TuS N-Lübbecke (215)