Melsungen remain unbeaten at home – Magdeburg drop important point

Roberto Parrondo has worked his magic with Melsungen. In Sunday’s game against Magdeburg the team extended their unbeaten streak at home after a 29–29-draw with a thrilling ending.

MT Melsungen was a revelation during the start of the season and topped the chart for a couple of months. But after a slightly worse period of time, Roberto Parondo and his squad find themselves a couple of points behind the top.

But in Sunday’s home game against Magdeburg they had a golden opportunity to crawl closer to Bennet Wiegerts squad at the top of the table and Parrondo’s team looked destined for their ninth straight win at home for long periods of the game.

The Melsungen-players clicked on all cylinders and had the lead for the first 40 minuter. But after the goal that meant 22–20 in the middle of the second half – Magdeburg answered with four unanswered goals.

After that Melsungen kept a close distance to Magdeburg and in the final minute they got the last chance to decide the game. With the scored tied att 29 the home team were awarded with a free-throw. But despite a great attempt from Dainis Kristopans, Melsungen had to settle for a point.

Both teams heavily relied on their right backs. Omar Ingi Magnusson scored none goals – and Ivan Martinovic answered with ten goals of his own for Melsungen.

MT Melsungen–SC Magdeburg 29–29 (17–14)