Magdeburg secured the Bundesliga titel – Gensheimer’s last game

SC Magdeburg are once again Bundesliga champions, following yesterday’s big away win against Rhein-Neckar Löwen.

The conditions were simple ahead of yesterday’s match. One point and the club would secure its third Bundesliga title. In the event of a loss, well, the team just had to make sure not to lose 2 more points and around 80 in goal difference against Füchse Berlin.

Instead, Magdeburg chose to make short work of it. After only 11 minutes of play, Felix Claar had scored three goals and the lead was up to 3-9. A Rhein-Neckar Löwen team, with little to play for, never came close in the match. The focus was instead on honoring Uwe Gensheimer, who scored the last goal of his career yesterday, and there were probably few people who thought that goal would come against Mikeal Aggefors in Magdeburg’s goal.

The goal was Gensheimer’s 2,438th in the Bundesliga, which puts him in third place in the all-time goalscoring league.

The title marks the third just this season for Magdeburg, who also have a good chance at a fourth when the Final Four takes place in Cologne on June 8-9.