Kiel returned in winning mode

THW Kiel restored some winner qualities by defeating Frisch Auf Göppingen, 32–27. Two fresh points in round 31 equals a realistic bid for fourth place. 

Kiel tried to pull away early, 3–1 by Eric Johansson who produced four of the first five goals for the zebra team. 

Johansson also scored the 9–5-goal, creating an advantage which Göppingen couldn’t repair in the long run. 

Most of the remaning game saw Kiel lead with four or five goals, the home team had eleven different goal scorers with Johansson at the top (eight goals). Göppingen had to accept their third loss in a row, though Marcel Schiller seven succesful shots proved a will to change the outcome.

With eight minutes to go Kiel reached a nine-goal-lead (31–22) and reduced the pace while Göppingen made some adjustments to the final standing.

Kiel is four points ahead of MT Melsungen with one game in hand. The total number of goals currently stands at 1,000, Kiel became the third team to reach the four digit mark in offense.

THW Kiel–Frisch Auf Göppingen 32–27 (17–13)