Just one goal between the top and the bottom in Bundesliga

ThSV Eisenach took a huge step away in the lower region after a convincing performance against SC Leipzig. Meanwhile, Füchse Berlin and SC Magdeburg added two points each in the two-horse-race in the top of Bundesliga.

The countdown has begun as all have ten games or less two play in the current season. Once again, title defender Magdeburg proved their level though Bergischer pushed until the end for a huge upset. Omar Ingi Magnusson back court presence and penalty variation accounted for 13 away goals in the 30–27-win.

Füchse Berlin experienced a close call as the very last team, HBW Balingen-Weilstetten reached 35–34 at the final whistle. Hans Lindberg (ten goals) was vital when the capital team lead by five goals towards the end of the first half. In Balingen-Weilstetten´s nearly successful quest, Berlin never allowed an equaliser and completed the balance act.

Only two of the away games for Eisenach has brought maximum points to the newcomer. A definitive change of direction occurred in Leipzig when a team effort came through to 29–31 on the board. Top scorer Manuel Zehnder (two goals) couldn’t find his highest level but his teammates battled on and Eisenach´s victory meant a three point margin as 16th in the standing.

Ole Regler (nine goals plus seven assists) and Kristjan Horzen (eight goals in eight shots) put VfL Gummersbach on track for 35–27 against TBV Stuttgart. Frisch Auf Göppingen takes the necessary points to stay high up in the mid-region, recently 32–29 versus HC Erlangen. 

SC Leipzig–ThSV Eisenach 29–31 (14–13)
Füchse Berlin–HBW Balingen-Weilstetten 35–34 (18–16)
Frisch Auf Göppingen–HC Erlangen 32–29 (16–16)
VfL Gummersbach–TBV Stuttgart 35–27 (17–16)
Bergischer HC–SC Magdeburg 27–30 (12–17)