Huge cup success for TuS Metzingen

Cup is always cup. Thus, TuS Metzingen made the very best of their Final four weekend to capture the DHB-Pokal out of the previous titleholder, SG BBM Bietigheim´s hands.

Metzingen started the gold quest with a shrewd variety of a buzzer-beater. Verena Oswald succeded in scoring from the seven-meter-spot with the clock at exactly 60.00. After the narrow semifinal win, 31–30 over VfL Oldenburg Metzingen faced the champion Bietigheim.

Three titles in a row counted less than you would have expected. Jana Scheib´s efficient right back shots and Nana Klein production from the left helped a lot of the way.

Also, Metzingen received five penalty possibilities which were converted to 100 percent by Rebecca Rott. Bietigheim had to switch executing player with a considerably less success rate (three out of seven).

Metzingen pulled away in the final 15 minutes but the game wasn’t decided until minute 60 when Scheib put 30–28 in the net. Marie Weiss between the posts managed to hamper Bietigheim´s hit-percentage towards the end and adapted a match-winning role.

Despite the traditions as an elite club, the cup triumph in Stuttgart was Metzingen´s first ever title on highest level.

The bronze duel, VfL Oldenburg versus Thüringer HC also had a surprising winner, Oldenburg reached the podium with 34–30.

DHB-Pokal, Final
Tus Metzingen–SG BBM Bietigheim 30–28 (15–17)