Hamburg in good shape against Melsungen

HSV Hamburg made it two in a row with full points on home ground. Meanwhile. MT Melsungen lost a valuable opportunity to join top four and had no defense against Hamburg´s top scorer Casper Mortensen.

Hamburg´s duel winning mode was very effective in Sporthalle. Dani Baijens assists made way for open chances. If not, Mortensen approached the seven meter spot after a decision by the judges. 

Hamburg lead the game early on, 5–1 after eight minutes. Melsungen was back in action with 12–12 just before the break but Zoran Ilic´s shot in the next home attack brought on a new phase as Melsungen never equalized again.

Sindre Aho produced seven goals for the guests but Melsungen lacked the options to keep up after the break. Instead, Hamburg opened up a gap and was never in doubt as the winning team, 29–22.

Hamburg moved up five positions in the mid-region and is currently number nine with nine games to go.

HSV Hamburg–MT Melsungen 29-22 (13–12)